Professor Carolien Rieffe, PhD
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Carolien 2016b 2Carolien is professor by special appointent in social and emotional development at Leiden University, Developmental Psychology. She is also hononary professor at UCL, University of London, UK. Carolien is affiliated with the NSDSK, the Dutch Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child in Amsterdam, who installed her chair at Leiden University (2010). Carolien is the PI in the research programme of the Emotional Development lab, which also involves collaborations with other labs outside Leiden University. She is also part of the Leiden Centre of Data Science (LCDS), a network of researchers who use new methods and technologies for analysing large amounts of data.

"Emotional development takes place within a social context. Not only the emotional expression, but also the emotional experience is shaped by a socialization process." 

Marike Bos2

Marieke Bos, PhD

Marieke’s research interest concerns the social-emotional development of children with an autism spectrum disorder. She will use a psychological and physiological approach to examine emotional development from infancy to adolescence.


Boya Li, PhD Boya Li

Boya obtained her PhD at the department of Linguistics at Leiden University. Afterwards she decided to study psychology and also successfully finished her Research Masters in psychology. Boya is currently involved in several ongoing research projects on emotion regulation and emotion understanding in young children with and without an Autism Spectrum Disorder that involve experimental settings, and she is our expert with the eye tracker. Boya also supervises students with their research projects and theses.

 Anouk Netten2Anouk Netten, MD

Anouk studied medicine at Leiden University and worked as an M.D. at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Anouk is a PhD student with interest in the development of psychopathology in hearing impaired children, especially those with a cochlear implant.


Naqi Dahamat Azam, MSc

Naqi Dahamat Azam (Naqi) holds a master degree in Developmental Psychology from Universiti Putra Malaysia. After obtaining his degree, he worked at the same university as an assistant lecturer. Currently, he is working as a researcher, doing his PhD at Leiden University. In his research, Naqi examines several factors that contribute to adolescent aggression in two different countries, Malaysia and the Netherlands. His PhD study is supervised by Carolien Rieffe and Sheida Novin (Michigan University, USA). 

 Neeltje van den Bedem, MScNeeltje van den Bedem

Neeltje is a PhD student who is interested in the social-emotional development of children with a Specific Language Impairment. She is conducting her research in close collaboration with Kentalis and the NSDSK. Afther having studied Sign Linguistics and Pedagogical Sciences, Neeltje worked as a family counselor for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. She is interested in the way the communication of a child with his of her surroundings influences emotional and social growth. 

Evelien Broekhof, MScEvelien Broekhof2

After finishing her research master in Developmental Psychology at Leiden University, Evelien started as a PhD student in our lab in 2014. Her research concerns the moral development of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Brenda Sousa da Silva, MScBrenda da silva

Brenda obtained her master degree in Psychomotor Therapy at the University of Lisbon. She is currently working in a shelter for families at social risk. Brenda started as a PhD student in our lab in June 2016 under the supervision of Carolien Rieffe, Johan Frijns, Guida Veiga and Berna Guroglu. Her project will focus on the effects of hearing loss on the social and emotional competence of DHH Portuguese children.


ProfilePic YT.TsouYung-Ting Tsou, MSc

Yung-Ting obtained her master degree in Linguistics at Leiden University. After that she went back to Taiwan to work in a cochlear implant center, doing research on language development in children with hearing impairment. Since September 2016 she is a PhD student in our lab under the supervision of Carolien Rieffe, Johan Frijns, Mariska Kret and Boya Li. Her project focuses on emotion understanding in Mandarin-speaking children with cochlear implants. 


Tirza van der Straaten, MDTirza van der Straaten

Tirza is a medical doctor who obtained her Bachelor and Master’s degree at the Leiden University Medical Center. Afterwards she has worked at the Department of Surgery of the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague. Currently, Tirza is a PhD student interested in the long term effect of early detection and intervention  of  hearing loss on the social-emotional development of deaf and hard of hearing children (follow-up DECIBEL-study).

Thijs Jansenthijs2

Thijs Jansen is finishing his bachelor in psychology at Leiden University. He helps Evelien as a research assistant with her research into the influence of moral emotions on the social competence and mental health in deaf and hard of hearing children / adolescents.


 Anne BülowAnneBulow

Anne started her Bachelor of Psychology in October 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany. Due to her special interest in autism, Anne is currently working as a research intern at a project about affective empathy in children with Autism.  



Jeffrey Binnekamp

Jeffrey Binnekamp recently started as a research assistant for Prof. Dr. Rieffe. His interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders drives him to help ongoing research in the field. Jeffrey has finished a Psychology bachelor at Leiden University and is currently studying a master Applied Cognitive Psychology.