Euroscholar Research Internship


Interested in getting an international perspective on developmental psychological research? Explore the opportunity to get real, hands on experience with research in developmental psychology!

A short interview with Makoto Miller-Tsutsui, Euroscholars student at our lab in 2012

What exactly is the Euroscholars programme?
It’s an opportunity for American students to get a unique study abroad experience. Rather than just taking classes, you learn about the research process in another country.

How do you like it so far?
I like it a lot, learning about research in this way is much better than just reading a textbook. It is the real life application of skills and knowledge that makes being involved in a research group so interesting. I’m learning much more here than I would at home taking regular classes.

What do your days at the Focus on Emotions group look like?
I do a lot of different things: I review literature, attend paper meetings and look at data. I am now examining data on emotion over-arousal in older children (9-15) with autism, very interesting. I’m not taking any classes here, except for Dutch (which I found pretty difficult).

What is the main difference between Leiden and your hometown Minneapolis?
Things are more relaxed here. I feel like I’m doing as much - or more - work here, but it is as if there are more hours in a day. In a good way. And it’s fun to be living here, being surrounded by people from all over the world. There’s always someone interesting to talk to.

Would you recommend the Euroscholars programme to other students?
Definitely. I’ve met with 7 other Euroscholars students here, and they are all having a great time with their projects.

What are your plans for the future?
I’ll be going back to the US in August, and will first take some time off. After that, I want to do a PhD in Child Development, preferably on a topic related to Autism or Developmental Disorders.