Instrument Development

Moral Emotions Questionnaire

Available in English; 17 items.The Moral Emotions Questionnaire Questionnaire is developed by B.M.S. da Silva, L. Ketelaar, G. Veiga, Y. Tsou and C. Rieffe. The questionnaire consists of 3 scales measuring shame, guilt and pride. The item response format for the 17 items is: “never,” “sometimes,” or “often”.The MEQ scales showed acceptable internal consistencies and the associations between the three moral emotions and externalizing behaviors, internalizing behaviors, and social competence were in accordance with previous research, therefore confirming concurrent validity.

Da Silva, B. M. S., Ketelaar, L., Veiga, G., Tsou, Y. T., & Rieffe, C. (2022). Moral emotions in early childhood: Validation of the Moral Emotions Questionnaire (MEQ). International Journal of Behavioral Development. doi: 10.1177/01650254221075031.