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March 3rd, 2020

Neeltje thesis cover picture

On March 4th, we host a symposium on the psychosocial development of children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). The program features international experts on the topic. In the afternoon, Neeltje defends her PhD thesis on the emotions and psychosocial development in children with DLD.

On average, two children in each class have difficulties with their first language, due to DLD. These children cannot fully follow conversations around them, increasing their risk for psychosocial problems. Yet, the severity of their language problems does not tell the whole story. "What counts is what children with DLD miss out on in their daily social lives, because of these language problems," Neeltje states.

Based on her research, Neeltje showed an increased risk for psychosocial problems, for those participants (9-16 years old) who were less able to recognize, understand, and regulate their emotions. When they improved these emotional skills, their psychosocial problems decreased. This applied to children with and without DLD, but to a greater extent for children with DLD. The research shows that not only language development, but also the development of emotional skills, deserve attention in children with DLD. Read more here.

Banner: Cover page of the dissertation by Neeltje van den Bedem.