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June 24th, 2020

Hendrick Heerschop Koning Caspar 1654. Olieverf op paneel. Berlijn Staatliche Museen ze Berlin 971x1200

Hendrick Heerschop, Koning Caspar, 1654 of 1659.
          Credit: Berlijn, Staatliche Museen Preussischen Kulturbesitz, Gemäldegaleri. 

What is the representation of people of color within art? Do young people of color also feel their norms and values reflected in the museum collection. The new network of Dutch museums aims to embed diversity and inclusion in the museum and heritage sector in a sustainable manner by providing educational programs. Carolien gave her input drawing from past research and experience on children and young people - "Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a huge boost for a movement that has been going on in the black community for some time, but fortunately is now increasingly expanding into society." Thus highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion within society and art. Click here to read more!