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December 3th, 2021

expert meeting playground 2Dec2021 3

All children need play to develop well. However, playgrounds can be difficult to access for children with special needs. Some children are thus left on the outskirts of a playground. Dec 2nd, an (hybrid) expert meeting at the University of Twente was organized, to integrate insights from experts in psychology, interactive technology and ethical computing, and from organizations with an expertise in inclusive playground design (i.e., Johan Cruyff Foundation, Jantje Beton, and Yalp). At the kick off the experts were invited to play on an interactive playground built by Yalp in Enschede!


List of attendees

  • Rob Tuitert, Yalp Interactive
  • Christiaan Ribbens, Yalp Interactive
  • Simon van Rooijen, Johan Cruyff Foundation
  • Malou Durve (online), Jantje Beton
  • Carolien Rieffe, University of Twente / Leiden University / UCL, London, UK
  • Dennis Reidsma, University of Twente
  • Alexander Koutamanis (online), Delft University of Technology 
  • Emma Beauxis-Aussalet, Free University Amsterdam
  • Joanneke van der Nagel (online), University of Twente
  • Dees Postma, University of Twente
  • Yung-Ting Tsou, Leiden University / University of Twente
  • Maedeh Nasri, Leiden University