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Autismecafé Leiden


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On March 30th 2022, Carolien will join the debate evening of the Autism Café Leiden on the topic of friendship and autism.

“Het Autismecafé Leiden” was founded in 2003 to give a platform for discussions on various topics related to autism. The cafe is run by parents of autistic children, but open to everyone to attend. On the 30th of March, the topic will be friendship, for which Carolien is invited to join as the academic expert, and add content based on our research in the FocusonEmotions lab.

The Autismecafé Leiden organizes five meetings a year and reaches a broad network of people that have autism, their family members or friends. The meetings cover a variety of topics. Previous events included film screenings, interviews with a filmmaker an autistic writer, expert discussions on topics like comorbidities of autism, and practical advice on finding extra support for schoolchildren.

If you would like to attend this event (in Dutch):
Where: In Het Gebouw, Arubapad 2, 2315 VA Leiden
When: Woensdag 30 maart. Inloop vanaf 19.30 uur, de avond start om 20.00 uur. Er is tijdens en na het gesprek ruim gelegenheid om ervaringen te delen en vragen te stellen. Om 22.30 uur sluit het café.

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