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June 10, 2023

Discussing playgrounds and play - IPA Glasgow 2023


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Playgrounds can 'make or break' children's sense of belongingness! That was the main message that we presented at the IPA Glasgow 2023 (6 - 10 of June). This world conference was a great opportunity to discuss with other researchers and practitioners how the physical environment of the playground can be overwhelming and hindering to autistic and deaf or hard of hearing children.

Based on the results of our current projects, Carolien, Yung-Ting, Maedeh and Brenda gave recommendations on how exercise play can enhance inclusion and cooperation, and how the physical social environment can be structured thus allowing all children to feel comfortable, welcome and safe in (school) playgrounds.

Guida Veiga (research collab, University of Evora) presented the outcomes of her Out-to-In project, showing that a combined intervention of physical play and relaxation, focused on preschoolers and their educators, contributes to children's socio-emotional skills.

Photo left to right: Guida Veiga, Yung-Ting Tsou, Brenda Sousa da Silva, Maedeh Nasri, Carolien Rieffe