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Experiencing different realities


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Collaboration National Archive

In a new collaboration, several artefacts that were part of the the exhibition Kòrsou – Curaçao by the National Archive will be represented in Virtual Reality. Guide and educator in the National Archive, Laurindo Andrea, was now guided by Joris Weijdom into the world of Embodied XR.

Kòrsou – Curaçao

The archives of the National Archive contain many documents, photo's, and maps on Curaçao. Most of these documents show the perspective of the colonial rulers. The exhibition Kòrsou – Curaçao. Voices of the past, people of today combines archive documents with a polyvocal narrative of the island.

master students UTwente - Interactive Technology

Master students Interactive Technology @UTwente use the artefacts provided by the National Archive to invent how VR can add value to the polyvocal narrative of the Dutch colonial past of Curacao. After careful preparation by Laurindo Andrea, Saskia Oranje, and Mick de Wal, Laurindo gave a very personal lecture introducing the topic to the students at the start of their course.

People involved

UTwente - Carolien Rieffe, Robby van Delden, Joris Weijdom, Shenghui Wang

National Archive - Saskia Oranje, Laurindo Andrea, Mick de Wal