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Moving “Behind the Forest” in Virtual Reality


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How to create a dialog between youth and the Surinam-Dutch artist Remy Jungerman about his artwork and narrative behind this through presentation of Jungerman’s work in virtual reality?

Our project Moving “Behind the Forest” in Virtual Reality is answering thoese questions.

Remy Jungerman develops abstractions to visualize the multiple layers of his cultural heritage, see his recent solo exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum “Behind the Forest”. In his artwork there is a central role for his ancestors, the Maroons (African descendants in Surinam who escaped slavery and developed their own culture and societies). Aim of Remy’s work is to connect visitors to these different layers in the past, yet opening up a conversation on how to deal with this in the present.  

For youth to enter this important work and join this conversation about Remy’s narrative, we are developing a comprised exhibition of Remy’s work in virtual reality (VR).

Remy Jungerman