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"When Life Gives You Lemons" - prototype computer game for autistic girls


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August 30th, Claudia Libbi (University of Twente) publicly (online) presented and defended her master project “When Life Gives You Lemons". In this project, Claudia designed a prototype of a computer game to support autistic girls (10-16 years old) in thinking about and practicing daily-life social interactions with peers. Every step of its development was done in co-design with autistic girls, who could inform Claudia from first-hand experiences about their daily issues and dilemmas, feeding directly into the game. The prototype was well-received, both by the stakeholders, the autistic girls, and the audience present at the defense.

Are you interested to know more about the prototype of this game? Watch the video on youtube.

Are you curious about the techniques behind the scene? Check out Claudia's Github.