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Events & News
October 11, 2023

Annual symposium on CI (cochlear implant) users within INTENSE


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Our project on teenagers with CI’s and their experiences of soundscapes benefits from its multidisciplinary approach, involving audiologists, surgeons, and neurotech (LUMC). Instead of the usual online meetings, at least once a year we meet live, which gives a different vibe and room for other kinds of discussions. Thus, events like the ENT Science Day, and the yearly INTENSE symposia are valuable opportunities to exchange information, learn about the current research landscape, and make connections that can further our research.

Left in picture prof. Johan Frijns giving an overview of all current PhD projects within the INTENSE-ENT consortium. Right side, PhD researcher Claudia Libbi updated the audience on how she involves young CI users through co-design, investigating how environmental factors affect their social participation.