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Breaking the Cycle: Join our research on inclusive schools


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We are looking for elementary and middle schools to participate in our research on social inclusion of all students, one focus area being students on the Autism Spectrum.

Schools do their best to be a welcoming place for every child. Yet the question remains whether students feel included and respected in school. Are children with 'special needs' also seen as full members of the class? Help break the cycle and participate in the schoolyard project of the Leiden research group Focus on Emotions.


Our research shows that schools can be a source of stress for many students, and not necessarily because of the lessons themselves: Crowded canteens without a place to sit, feeling like you don’t belong or having no place to relax – the list goes on. To overcome the challenge of making schools accessible to every student, physically, socially and culturally, broad scientific research can help a lot. This is why it is important for us to approach inclusive education by joining research in Psychology, Architecture, Data Science and Public Administration.

Do you want to participate in the inclusive school survey?

Help us break the cycle and email Yung-Ting Tsou:
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